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  • Where do your cats come from?
    The kitties under the guardianship of Feline Café Foundation are rescued from a variety of circumstances. Most of our cats are strays who were rescued from the outdoors. While they are under our guardianship, we ensure that all their medical needs are addressed and that they are all ready to be adopted into their new family.
  • I am no longer able to care for my cat, can you take them in?
    Our ability to help is dependent on the resources that we have available. You may fill out an intake application here and a member of our team will review it. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee that an intake will be approved.
  • How can I support the rescue?
    There are many ways that you can help support the work that we do! Spread the word: Sharing our website, social media, or general information about our rescue helps us to become more visible and expand our community. Volunteer: Join our volunteer team as a foster home, driver, or fundraising coordinator. Donate supplies: We are always in need of food, litter, and other supplies for cat care. We also accept donations of goods and services for our fundraising events. Fill out our contact form here for more information. Make a financial contribution: Donate via PayPal here or send us an e-transfer at
  • How is your rescue funded?
    We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donors and fundraising events to cover our rescue expenses. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so by clicking here or by sending an e-transfer to
  • What should I do if I find an animal that is injured, in distress, or is being abused or neglected?
    If you find an animal that is injured or in distress, please contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 221. If this is outside of OHS opening hours, please contact the city by calling 311. If you are aware of an animal being abused or neglected, contact Ontario Animal Welfare services at 1-833-926-4625. This service is available 24/7 If this is an emergency and a life is in immediate danger, call emergency services at 911
  • How can I become a volunteer?
    All of our volunteer applications are available under the Get Involved tab of our website. You can also follow the links below: Become a foster home Become a driver Become a fundraising coordinator Please note that we require all volunteers to be 18 years of age or older. Our drivers are also required to have a full G license (or equivalent)
  • I found a lost or stray cat, what should I do?
    If you have found a cat outdoors, it is possible that they have an owner. Here are some steps you can follow to identify the cat: Check for identification. If the cat has a collar, you may be able to find contact information for their owner. If they have an ID tag, you can call the city at 311 and they will assist in locating the cat's home. If there is no collar or identifying information, you can take the cat to a local veterinary clinic and ask them to scan for a microchip. Put up posters. Create a poster which includes a photo and description of the cat, the location it was found, and your contact information. Put these posters up in highly visible places (telephone poles, parks, local businesses, etc.) in the neighbourhood in which you found the cat. You can also speak with neighbours in the area to see if anyone is able to identify the cat. Share electronically. Post a photo of the cat on social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) along with the neighbourhood in which you found them. There are also websites dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners, such as the Ottawa Humane Society and the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network. If you have followed these steps and are unable to find an owner, you can submit an intake application for the cat. Our ability to help will be dependent on the resources we have available at the time. We would recommend contacting other local rescues as well - you can find a list on our resources page. Note: If you find an animal that is injured or in distress, please contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 221. If this is outside of OHS opening hours, please contact the city by calling 311.
  • Why did you change the date that an application opens?
    The application date listed on each felines profile is an estimate and is subject to change. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, but generally this occurs because we believe that our kitties would benefit from more socialization time in foster care. To ensure that you are notified when a feline under our guardianship becomes available, you can subscribe to our email list located on our Meet The Felines page.
  • What does your adoption process look like?
    1. Fall in love. Read through their personality pages and choose from the list of available felines 2. Apply online. Once you have chosen a cat you'd like to adopt, and they are available, you can apply online through our website 3. Approval. Once we've received the application, there will be a series of steps to take before it is approved. This includes a screening interview, a virtual meet and greet with the feline(s), and reference checks. 4. Make a donation. The minimum donation asked to adopt one of the felines under our guardianship is sent directly to our Not-for-Profit Foundation to help cover the cost of their care. 5. Prepare your home. Have all toys, litter box and food supplies ready before you pick up your kitty. 6. Schedule a pickup. We will sign paperwork and schedule an appointment with you to pick up your new family member. 7. Pick up your new family member. Please bring a carrier with a blanket or pillow inside to bring your cat home with you.
  • When can we apply to adopt a feline?
    You can apply to adopt one of the felines under our care when they are listed as "available for adoption". The estimated time when a cat will be available for adoption will be announced in advance - please note that this date is subject to change. Once the adoption period begins for that cat, an application form will be accessible on our website. If you wish to be notified when a feline under our guardianship becomes available, you can subscribe to our email list located on our Meet The Felines page.
  • What vet work is completed before a feline is made available for adoption?
    All the kitties under our care have the following vet work done before a feline's adoption application opens: 1) General Health Exam 2) FVRCP & Rabies Vaccines 3) FIV/FeLV combo test 4) Flea treatment 5) Dewormed 6) Sterilization surgery 7) Microchip
  • How do we apply to adopt a feline?
    Once a feline is available for adoption, you can fill out our the Adoption Application form on our website. If you are applying for multiple felines, an application needs to be submitted for each individual feline unless they are a bonded pair. Please note that we require applicants to be 18 years of age or older.
  • Why were we not contacted for an interview?
    Here at Feline Café Foundation, we have a very extensive application and screening process. This gives us a good idea of which homes would be the best fit for the felines under our care before scheduling interviews. If you are not contacted for an interview, it simply means that another applicant was a better fit for that specific feline. We encourage you to continue your search and reapply if you fall in love with another one of our felines. You can also contact some of the other local rescues listed here.
  • If we receive multiple adoption applications for the same feline, what variables do we consider when choosing their forever home?
    At Feline Café Foundation, our main objectives is to find the purrfect home for the kitties under our guardianship. We determine where the feline will be happiest based upon their personality and how that would match the lifestyle and environment of their potential home. This could include variables such as: other animals in the home, children in the home, how busy the environment is, how often will the cat be alone, etc. All applications are considered regardless of the order we receive them in. However, due to the large volume of applications that we receive, only select applicants will be contacted for an interview.
  • How do we meet the felines?
    All of our felines are housed in private foster homes. To protect the privacy of our fosters, cats will only be available for a virtual 'Meet and Greet' once an adoption application has been submitted and screened by our team.
  • Why are there some felines not ready to be adopted?
    Some of the felines under our guardianship may not yet be ready to go to their forever homes. This can be for a multitude of reasons such as: full vet care not completed, ongoing medical treatment, too young to be adopted, or in need of socializing or behavioral management. If we don't currently have any felines available for adoption, we recommend contacting other local rescues who are doing incredible work to save cats. You can find a list of them on our resources page here.
  • What is the minimum donation we ask for in order to adopt a feline under our guardianship?
    The minimum donation we ask for to adopt one of the felines under our care will range from $150-300. These donations help cover a portion of the costs of their care and allows us to save more cats. More details can be found on their individual profiles.
  • What is the process for becoming a foster volunteer?
    In order to become a foster volunteer, you must first fill out our foster home application. Once we have received your application, a member of our team will review your submission and respond within 10 business days. If we believe that you would be a good fit for our foster program, we will schedule a virtual interview and home tour. This helps us to verify all of the provided information, and allows us to answer any questions or concerns.
  • What do I do if my foster cat needs medical attention?
    For all standard veterinary care, we will schedule appointments with our veterinary partner and coordinate transportation with you. Before your foster period begins, you will be provided with contact info and instructions in the event that any medical concerns arise.
  • Do I need to drive to be a foster?
    Our fosters are not required to be able to drive. We will arrange transportation with one of our driver volunteers when necessary.
  • Do I need to pay for daily expenses (e.g., food, litter, toys)?
    All necessary supplies will be provided to you by Feline Café Foundation. However, if you would like to support us financially, you are welcome to purchase supplies for your foster kitty.
  • How do foster cats get adopted?
    When a foster cat is ready to be adopted, we will open applications and make this information available on our website and social media. All applications are thoroughly screened by our adoptions team, and when we believe we have found a good fit, our adoptions team will conduct an interview and reference check. Once we have completed these steps, we will arrange a virtual meet-and-greet with the foster volunteer. This allows applicants to meet the foster cat in their safe environment, and to learn more about their personality and behaviours. Upon approval of an application, we will complete paperwork with the adopter and schedule a date/time to send the foster cat off to their forever home.
  • What are the requirements for becoming a foster?
    We require all volunteers to be a minimum of 18 years old. If there are other animals in the home, you are also required to have a separate room to isolate your foster animal.
  • Do I need to pay for medical expenses?
    All approved medical expenses will be covered by Feline Café Foundation. If you would like to make a financial contribution, you may donate via Paypal here or send an e-transfer to

**Our website is under construction and we are still working on updating our FAQ. In the meantime, if you have any questions that were not answered here, you can visit our Contact Us page. We appreciate your support and patience during this time.**

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